hok house


A gallery room project takes you to a secret wonderland far away.

Gallery Suite

32m² / 2 people max

  • Greenvines Bath Amenities.
    (Local b-cooperation making NATURAL & ECO FRIENDLY bathing products)
  • This room is not recommended if you are with a child of age 3 or under.
  • The amenities and facilities of this room is same as Hok Suite.


  • 1 Queen bed
  • Living room
  • Large Bathtube
  • Free wifi
  • Meta design lighting
    (local craft lighting brand)
  • HD TV
  • Dual air conditioner heater
  • Refrigerator, kettle & tea set
  • Clothes rack
  • Selective books
  • Separate WC w. washlet
  • Hair dryer

Whose room (gallery suite):Yamabatosha’s room
a thousand years ten thousand years room

Feb 14th 2020 – Feb 28th 2023
Curated by:Yamabatosha
Illustrator:Miyagi Chika
Events:Kaohsiung taco rice king(龜時間 goöod time cafe)
Facebook:Whose room (gallery suite):Yamabatosha’s room

“Crane is a thousand years, turtle is ten thousand years. This room will be a crane and turtle room for a limited time. There is no time concept. Please spend your eternal time.” _ Yamabatosha

This gallery suite “Whose room?” is the most special room in Hok House. Every year, we invite different artists from different countries to move their own room into Hok House.

This year this room is a “a thousand years ten thousand years room”. It is curated by Yamabatosha, an independent creative team from Fukuoka.

Collaboration Goods
Mini poster of “a thousand years ten thousand years”

letterpress printing, cotton paper
24.5 cm × 24.5 cm
250 TWD, 550 TWD (w/frame)
100 copies (limited edition)
Online order:https://forms.gle/4XJMBR5bq76j6ByX7