hok house


A gallery room project takes you to a secret wonderland far away.

Gallery Suite

32m² / 2 people max

  • Greenvines Bath Amenities.
    (Local b-cooperation making NATURAL & ECO FRIENDLY bathing products)
  • This room is not recommended if you are with a child of age 3 or under.
  • The amenities and facilities of this room is same as Hok Suite.


  • 1 Queen bed
  • Living room
  • Large Bathtube
  • Free wifi
  • Meta design lighting
    (local craft lighting brand)
  • IoT-driven
  • HD TV
  • Dual air conditioner heater
  • Refrigerator, kettle & tea set
  • Clothes rack
  • Selective books
  • Separate WC w. washlet
  • Hair dryer

Whose room (gallery suite) : Fujibo’s room (Nov 16th, 2018 – Nov 30th 2019)
Location : Kyoto
Curated by : Fujibo(CōBō room)
Events : Fujibo’s Fabric Weaving Indigo Workshop (Dec 9th, 2018)
Fujibo’s Reviving Old fabric in Blue Project (April 1st-June 30th, 2019)

“Whose room” is the most special room in Hok House. Every year, we invite an artist to move his/her own room into Hok House. To bring new perspective to everyday life and to challenge our relationship to the world.

This year, a natural indigo artist from Kyoto, Japan is ready to curate this special room, her name is Fujibo. In this room, she is trying to tell every guest in this room about the dyeing craft stories through her natural indigo works. Hope your mind can be relaxed and in peace with her work.

“藍って、日本語の発音は、愛と同じなんです。 藍と愛はアイって読みます。藍は愛より優しくて穏やかで力強くて、おおらかだと私は思います。ただ落ち着いた気持ちで無心であってほしい。なににも染まらないで、ただ空気だけ吸い込んでほしい。”

“Japanese pronunciation of 藍 indigo is the same as 愛 love(ai). But for me, 藍 indigo is even more gentle, more calm, more powerful and more generous than love. I wish you could stay in peace with this tender blue. Don’t try to be inspired, just breathe the blue air.” _ Fujibo