hok house


– Thank You Coupon –

During the precaution of COVID-19, it is very tough time for independent hospitality business. While fully supporting precaution policies of government, we give our best to ensure the safety and experience of every guest stays in Ho̍k House, same time we strive to provide stable works for hok house staffs and suppliers. In this moment of difficulty, we are grateful for your trust and staying with us.

So we want to share something good with you: booking through our website before 7th of June, you’ll have two「TWD 500 Thank You Coupon」and two「TWD 100 shopping voucher」!

Your support would be very encouraging for us! Hope we can sail through this crisis together, and wish all wonderful things in the city can stand for good. Here are some coupon and voucher for you!

  1. Thank You Coupon NTD $500*2

    Thank you for staying with us, you can get the discount on your next stay.
    *Note: “SOLO WEEKDAY trip” stay plan is not included.

  2. Shopping voucher NTD$100*2

    Valid for all purchase over $500 in Ho̍k House & Goöod time cafe.

During the precaution period, we will stick to the following policies in hok house. We hope for your understanding and cooperation. Thank you.

  • Avoid unknown gethering and cross infection
    Dormitory room is not available during the period.
    Individual package of breakfast.
  • Body temperature monitoring:
    Temperature checking for all visitors at the entrance, for those guests who have fever are not allowed.
  • All staffs are wearing masks.
  • Common areas in hok house are sterilized periodically.